Ensuring thorough commercial or office washroom hygiene takes careful balance. It’s simply not a case of making sure your sanitiser and soap are topped up – you have a duty to make sure that the facilities you have on offer are easy to clean, and are protective against the spread of bacteria and viruses.

In the post-pandemic world, it’s crucial to ensure that your washroom is set up to help prevent the spread of unseen microbes. Otherwise, anyone using your space may be at risk of getting ill. Consider the washroom hygiene products you already have in place – as they doing enough to help people stay clean and protected when using the facilities?

Here are seven great products available from Vantage that you can use to help enhance your washroom hygiene with very little effort.


VPSD0620 washroom hygiene dispenserFoot Operated Dispensers

Contactless washroom hygiene products are a must in 2022. Vantage’s foot operated dispensers offer a simple solution to sanitising without pressing or touching buttons with your hands. These dispensers, filled with your choice of sanitiser or soap product, simply produce on a gentle press of a foot pedal.

Therefore, there is never any need for washroom users to worry about getting bacteria or viruses on their hands. It’s an effective way to keep physical and surface spread to a minimum. Cleaning and sanitising surfaces and platforms as much as possible is important – however, removing touching altogether is certainly viable.



Touch Free Dispensers

Touch free dispensers, meanwhile, take the need for any kind of physical contact away. Simply hover hands underneath the dispenser and receive soap or sanitiser on demand. We’re hopeful that these washroom hygiene products will become more commonplace in the years to come – removing the need to touch surfaces at all!

Of course, Vantage is also pleased to provide a variety of traditional dispenser units that require minimal touching. However, one of the best ways to keep your washroom clean and hygienic from day to day is, of course, remove as much surface touching as possible.



Hygienic Wash Troughs

Wall mounted and built in stainless steel, Vantage Products’ hygienic wash troughs are designed to limit the probability of bacteria and viruses spreading across surfaces and hands. These troughs are incredibly easy to clean, too, making getting your washroom back to a sparkling, hygienic standard all the simpler.

What’s more, wash troughs such as our 1800mm standard can be fitted with sensor taps, knee taps and self-closing taps. Therefore, you can create your own washing station without the need for hand touching.



sink-unit-assembly-1800x650x900-vantage_SA-DB18-65-65-SDRH_01_600x600pxHygienic Sink Units

Designed and fabricated with the same incredible engineering innovation as our wash throughs, sink units from Vantage Products arrive with ease of use and restriction against bacterial spread as standard. Once again, these units are built in stainless steel, arguably the most hygienic metal – and the easiest to clean, too.

Vantage is pleased to provide a wide array of different sink, draining and washing units for a variety of purposes. For example, our double bowl, double drainer unit comes ready for you to install as you see fit for general sanitising and cleaning. The 1800 x 650 unit (as linked above) is ideal for washrooms and medical facilities alike. It also arrives with complete instructions on how to set up from flat pack.



hand wash basin for washroom hygieneKnee Operated Hand Basins

For something a little simpler in stature, but just as innovative in design, we highly recommend knee operated hand basins. As the name suggests, these basins provide water from taps that activated without the need for hand touch. As such, you are again preventing the opportunity for germs and viruses to spread from surfaces to hands, and vice versa.

You can choose from knee operated hand basins that arrive with a splashback, or without. What’s more, you are again guaranteed safety and ease of cleaning thanks to careful design and fabrication in stainless steel.


VP Santiser for washroom hygiene

Protectus Viridis Disinfectants and Sanitisers

Keeping your washroom topped up on hand sanitiser, disinfectant and cleaning solutions is a must. Protectus Viridis is a fantastic brand in commercial washroom sanitising solutions, working largely in water-based, organic cleaning options for a wide array of purposes and bathroom traffic.

Topping up your hand sanitiser or soap dispenser with products proven to kill germs and keep patrons clean and safe is a must. Protectus Viridis’ line of products is highly effective at keeping frequently used washroom and bathroom spaces as safe as possible. It’s a brand we’ve partnered with to offer cleaning solutions across the board – do make sure to take a closer look at our selection in our online catalogue.



Stainless Steel Urinal Troughs

Beyond sinks and dispensers, it’s also important that your washroom benefits from toilet facilities that are clean and safe to use throughout the day. For example, why not consider setting up stainless steel urinal troughs?

Available in a range of sizes and fits, Vantage Products is pleased to support our customers with urinal troughs that are easy to keep clean and fragranced throughout the day. When buying a urinal trough, you can expect to receive all you need to get set up – but if you do need help or support, do make sure to reach out!

Many people assume that good washroom hygiene starts and ends at the sinks and taps. However, keeping all elements of your washroom – even the basic toilet facilities – clean – is a must.



Take No Risks

It’s so important to ensure that your commercial washroom is protected against the threat of potential bacteria and virus spread. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hopeful that more and more of us will be more vigilant about our own personal hygiene.

However, you can encourage better hygiene habits – and further protect your own washroom users – by setting up sinks, dispensers, and more to restrict the spread of hidden washroom hygiene nasties.

If you’d like to know more about our washroom hygiene range of products, do make sure to reach out to our team or take a closer look through the Vantage online store.