Regardless of the building you run – and the services you offer – keeping your operation clean and hygienic is a must! That doesn’t just apply to hospitals and medical facilities, but offices and public buildings, too. Without adequate janitorial supplies and cleaning standards, you could fall foul of public opinion – or worse, someone may end up ill from your lack of hygienic care.

If you’re considering enhancing the look of your building, start with cleanliness. Proper hygiene practice not only boosts safety for everyone heading in and out of your premises – it helps to keep you looking your best. First impressions are everything – and to help ensure these impressions are always at their sparkling best, it makes sense to work with a leading janitorial equipment supplier. That’s where Vantage can make a real difference.

Why invest in top janitorial supplies?

Janitorial Supplies wall mounted bucket sink vantage

When running any kind of building, it may be easy to forget about cleaning products – and the people who help to keep your offices and communal spaces looking their best! You may hire the best cleaners available – but without proper supplies and standards already in place, you can’t expect them to work miracles on your behalf.

By installing top-quality units such as stainless steel janitorial sinks, for example, you can be sure that your cleaning team has a reliable setup to start cleaning from. Stainless steel is exceptionally protective against bacteria and viruses – and what’s more, it’s also easy to keep clean on its own.

Inferior janitorial equipment may be more difficult to keep up to standard, and may also prevent your cleaning teams from completing their tasks to the best of their ability.

Investing in top-quality janitorial sinks will ensure that you have fittings that will stand the test of time. Stainless steel is of fantastic value in that it is extremely hard-wearing, and can also be easily recycled at the end of its lifespan.


Is refitting good value for money?


While it may seem expensive to choose leading janitorial supplies at the point of sale, consider the lifetime value. Sinks, troughs and sluices often help cleaning staff to tackle multiple demands at once, reducing the need for you to pay for and install multiple units across any given space.

Ease of cleaning, too, is a prominent plus point for sheer value. That’s because you won’t have to worry about having to constantly refill and restock certain products and supplies. If cleaning staff are using less product, you’re immediately cutting back on weekly or monthly investment.

Hard-wearing, high quality janitorial supplies will also save you from having to constantly maintain or replace your existing systems. A standalone sink, for example, may withstand years of use without you needing to switch out for an alternative due to erosion or long-term wear.


Is investing in quality supplies really necessary?

It’s a common misconception that a simple sink or two can perform all the cleaning tasks you demand of it, or even offer you the efficiency you expect. As mentioned, cleaning staff can’t work miracles! They rely on the units and equipment you provide for them – and if you are serious about keeping people safe, and presenting a fantastic first impression, you must invest in a janitorial equipment supplier or specialist.

Post-COVID, society is warier than ever of bacterial and viral spread, and that all starts with your supplies. During the pandemic, many businesses and building owners found that their hygiene and cleaning standards fell below what they expected or even anticipated and their focus switched back to creating cleaner, more efficient spaces for supplies.

What’s more, your clients, customers and visitors all demand a certain aesthetic. Any building or premises – regardless of your role and regardless of your industry – will be expected to look clean and well-presented. After all, this gives off the impression that you genuinely care for the people who enter your building and who work with you.

Consider your own demands and preconceptions when you enter a building for the first time. You’d expect it to be clean and cared for. The same applies to your own operation! However, there are sadly occasions where janitorial standards and cleaning can slip – in favour of prioritising other areas of a building.

It’s important to hold your cleaning and janitorial standards high. People may not necessarily expect you to keep them safe, but they do at least expect you to be professional and well-presented. If not, you could lose serious respect, reputation, and even lose out on customers and revenue in the long run. The choice is yours!


Where to buy supplies

In many cases, building owners and business operators may choose a cleaning and supplies service that is immediately affordable on the surface – but that doesn’t necessarily offer confidence when it comes to the quality of goods and services. It’s important to look for a specialist janitorial equipment supplier, therefore, with years of experience in designing and providing bespoke solutions to businesses.

Vantage offers a wide range of hygiene and sanitaryware products that can help to enhance cleanliness and aesthetics in any building with minimal effort. We work closely with our customers to provide and set up janitorial solutions that save money and effort over years of use.

While it may be easy enough to overlook these supplies when you have a whole building or premises to run, overlooking cleanliness is never a good idea. In the post-COVID age, people demand services and standards to be hygienic and safe – and what’s more, your business needs to look its best.

Instead of struggling to find cleaning and janitorial standards that do more than fall at the first hurdle, invest in a partnership with a leading janitorial equipment supplier. Janitorial supplies UK, Vantage is here to make a genuine difference to your building – and the people who use it.