stainless steel sink commercial hand wash basin

Whether you run a school, a restaurant, a hospital, or any kind of business where you will be using your hand wash basins frequently throughout the day, you should definitely look at quality commercial hand wash basins and sinks.

Naturally, you will want what is best for your business and for that, you will likely be looking at the style, the durability, and of course, the price. Despite what you may think, all of that and more is achievable with commercial hand wash basins.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that come with having quality commercial hand wash basins.


Hand wash basins – durability

The first thing that comes to mind when considering commercial hand wash basins is durability. Of course, there are materials that are better suited to different situations, and even certain commercial basins are not fit for certain environments.

However, if you know which material would be ideal for its intended purposes (i.e. will it constantly be under heat pressure? Does it run the risk of getting scratched or damaged? Will it need deep cleaning frequently? etc.), then you will find it much easier to find the right kind of commercial basin for you.

Generally speaking, when it comes to buying sinks for our own personal uses at home, we can look at a broader spectrum of materials, from glass to ceramic, marble, etc. Since our sinks are mainly used for washing up or cleaning ourselves, pretty much any sink material will do.

However, many of us have noticed over time how even with general uses of the sink, they can be very easy to scratch, chip, crack, stain, etc. Obviously, when you are looking for a sink for your business, you need to look for one that is capable of handling the different purposes for which you use it without getting damaged so easily.

That is why looking at hand wash basins is a great place to start, as you are more likely to find the sink that is better suited for your business. Stainless steel, time and again, is the way to go.


hand washingHygiene

No matter what your business is, hygiene will be of the utmost importance. You will need to look at hand wash basins that are capable of handling being cleaned frequently and deeply.

That means a material that can handle harsh chemicals and intense heat. For that, commercial hand wash basins are already a better option than the average. Hand wash basins that have been made for commercial purposes have been specifically designed to be intrinsically hygienic, and therefore easier to clean.

Again, even among commercial hand wash basins, there are, of course, certain materials that are better suited to this kind of cleaning – and the answer is stainless steel!



Every business is different. With the best commercial basins, you will have a wider variety of quality wash units to suit your style, budget, location and settings, no matter your needs.

You should look for a quality material that can easily be adjusted to fit its setting, as opposed to a fixed material for which you may have to modify the room or purchase another hand wash basin.

You should also look for a material and a style that suits your business, hospital, school, etc., all over. As opposed to having different styles and materials from room to room, you will save money, time, and effort by finding the right kind of hand wash sink that’s easy to match up and keep consistent throughout.



Although we tend to forget heat resistance, it is actually one of the most important things to look for in hand wash basins. Considering the deep clean that your basins will have to go through frequently, which nearly always includes boiling water at the very least, you will need a commercial sink that is capable of handling the intense heat.

Domestic sinks are made strong, but they very rarely have to undergo the same kind of attention that top quality commercial sinks do.

Suppose your hand wash basins need to undergo extreme heat very frequently (for example, in a professional kitchen, in a hospital, etc.). In that case, you will need a wash basin that is particularly strong – and not all hand wash basins will be up to the challenge. Certain materials are more adept at handling the heat long-term without cracking or being damaged in any other way – can you guess which materials we’re referring to?



Finally, one of the benefits of buying commercial hand wash basins is the lower cost. Suppose you buy singular, domestic hand wash basins. In that case, you will automatically be looking at a much higher price than you would if you chose a set of commercial hand wash basins in a set material, style and measurements. It pays to install an array of commercial basins at any one time.


What is the best material for quality commercial hand wash basins?

commercial hand wash basins with mixer tapsIf you are looking for hand wash basins that are heat-resistant, hygienic, versatile and fantastic value, then stainless steel is the best material to look for. Stainless steel sinks are massively cost-effective, and they last for decades. They are not prone to scratches, chipping, cracking, or other common damages that can occur with most other materials.

They also happen to be the most hygienic, which is why they are commonly found in hospitals and medical centres.

Stainless steel hand wash basins are commonly thought to be the best quality commercial basins on the market and could be just what your business is looking for.

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