Hand soap and sanitiser dispensers are essential elements in any business today. Whether it is a school, shop, restaurant, or hospital, your customers, students, staff, and patients will need easy access to hand-cleaning products – especially in a post-COVID world! But what makes for the best soap dispenser, anyway?

Ideally, you will need quality dispensers that are easy to use, keep clean, and which clearly match your business’ interior design. If you’re in the process of making your corporate or public washrooms that little more hygienic, here’s what you should look for in the best hand sanitiser dispenser options on the market.


best soap dispenser - Foot Operated modelFoot-operated dispensers

Setting up soap and hand sanitiser across all public or high traffic areas is a must in the modern age. However, not all locations have ideal spots from which you can hang general soap and sanitiser dispensers – which is where foot-operated dispensers come in handy.

These free-standing tools are ideal for supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and all kinds of businesses that require sanitiser dispensers at the entrance.

The most hygienic dispenser

These dispensers are also considered some of the most hygienic – because they do not require hand touch, and are therefore less likely to harbour and spread germs. Instead, a pedal at the bottom of the dispenser presses down on the sanitiser bottle at the top, thus releasing the product without the user having to touch anything but the pedal with their feet.

A well-designed foot-operated unit will compete well with even the best soap dispenser (best auto soap dispenser) – they don’t rely on any electrical components and are therefore reliable for years of use, regardless of the location.


The best soap dispenser for simplicity?

best soap dispenser in commercial situations

While a little outdated compared to some of the more efficient products on the market, a simple stainless steel hand soap dispenser can still prove highly useful in the fight against bacterial and viral spread.

Hand soap dispensers are commonplace in most public bathrooms, schools and restaurants – the days of communal soap bars are, thankfully, more or less behind us.

Simple hand soap dispensers are lightweight and easy to fit onto any wall or post, and are locked safe so that no one can remove the soap or hand sanitiser without the right tools. They’re also some of the easiest to use – just push to receive soap or sanitiser!

Why are they cost effective?

Hand soap and sanitiser dispensers are cost-efficient, classic in style, and surprisingly reliable. They, too, do not depend on any electrical component. Therefore, as long as there is still product inside, they will keep working.

They do require touch and push to release the product, which means that these tools will need cleaning and disinfecting multiple times a day.

However, their straight, flat surface makes them easy to clean with a quick wipe. What’s more, when designed and built in stainless steel, they are instantly protected against a high level of microbial nasties.

Even those with plastic components won’t lose their clean, bright look, so your dispenser’s aesthetic is unlikely to fade any time soon.


Best Soap Dispenser model VPSD900TFTouch-free dispensers / automatic soap dispensers

Electrical, touch-free dispensers are widely regarded as the best soap dispenser standard you can invest in post-COVID. These dispensers possess detectors at the bottom of their units which light up when noticing movement underneath. Soap or sanitiser is then released to waiting hands without the need for direct interaction!

The best thing about touch-free dispenser units is that, much like the foot-operated dispenser, they do not require the touch of a hand to work.

Reduce the risk of spreading germs

Therefore, it reduces the risk of germs and viruses spreading – as you may imagine, they became immensely popular at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they will continue to set the standard for efficient hygiene for many years to come, too.

This type of system also prevents product waste. It will only shoot out the amount of soap or sanitiser necessary for one person per wash (or judged equivalent). Of course, a user can pass their hands through the detector again to get more soap! In any case, less product wasted means more money saved, and it’s altogether kinder for the environment, too.

The best soap dispenser types

Touch-free dispensers from Vantage are reliable, easy to clean, and arrive in two different designs / setups. You can either choose a classic, white plastic look, or a more modern stainless steel casing. Either way, both options are lightweight and easy to use.

We’d highly recommend one of the stainless steel soap dispensers available as its a must for sheer ease of cleaning and microbial protection.

What’s more, touch-free dispensers are simply the least problematic of all hygiene solutions in and out of the washroom – the less you have to clean, and the lower the risk of bacterial and viral spread, the better!


Why does finding the best soap dispenser matter to my business?

Post-COVID, ease of sanitising and washing of hands is to be expected. The pandemic helped to open millions of eyes to how we can all improve our hygiene standards! For businesses and public service providers, the need for hand sanitiser stations and easily-manageable soap dispensers became critical.

That need is unlikely to go away any time soon. To help prevent the future spread of germs and viruses – and to ensure we can all keep each other safe from future potential pandemics – we must get more serious about how we set up our washrooms and sanitising stations. Is your business or public service necessarily doing enough?


The best soap dispenser is a must for your washroom

Now is the time to start taking a good, hard look at your washroom standards. Can you really be sure that you have the best soap dispenser or hand sanitiser products set up and ready to go? Be sure to take a look at Vantage’s fantastic range of products and kits ready for you to take your hygiene to the next level.

For schools, hospitals, and public and private businesses, we’re ready to help! If you are still finding it difficult to choose the best soap dispenser then please get in touch by calling us on 01327313130 or emailing us at sales@vantageproducts.co.uk, and let’s get your business better-protected against those hidden nasties.