When it comes to any healthcare setting, be it hospitals, doctor’s offices, retirement homes, etc., no matter how exceptional the staff are, if they have unreliable equipment, they will be making their jobs more difficult and putting their patients at risk. Not only that, but they will be losing money too.

Investing in quality healthcare equipment and supplies will help to ensure that you and your team have the very best equipment around you for your daily requirements. It’s all about saving you time, money and effort in the long run.

What should you be looking for in quality healthcare equipment and supplies?

To ensure that you have the very best healthcare equipment and supplies, there are a few things that you will need to bear in mind, and a few things that you should look for when shopping around:

Supplies that are easy to clean

As you know, when it comes to healthcare, cleanliness is vital. You simply cannot have equipment around you that is dirty or unsanitary in any way.

For example, the wrong sink could be a nightmare to clean, and as sinks can easily carry and transmit bacteria if they are not maintained correctly, having the correct sink unit is essential to ensure client and staff welfare. You will need something that can be wiped down and disinfected at short notice.

The best material for healthcare facilities is stainless steel which has been proven to require less disinfectant than other materials to achieve adequate cleanliness. This is especially important in healthcare, where sinks and other equipment withstand liquids such as bleach, peroxide, iodine, blood, and other bodily fluids, all of which can be detrimental to some materials over time.

Long-lasting healthcare equipment and supplies

No healthcare facility should have to undergo constant changes in equipment. These kinds of drastic changes can reduce the availability in certain rooms, increase the chances of patients and workers being submitted to inadequate environments, and will inevitably cost a lot more to keep up to.

Certain materials such as marble, glass, ceramic, etc. can crack over time, especially when being submitted to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and heavy use on a daily basis. These types of materials are unlikely to be able to handle these demanding conditions in the long term, despite their cost.

Again, that is where stainless steel comes in. As a strong, durable material it can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, and heavy use, without scratching, staining, rusting, or perishing. Stainless steel can last for a very long time and is an ideal material for use in a healthcare setting.

hand washingUnits that’ll last a lifetime

As was previously stated, healthcare equipment and supplies must undergo a lot of pressure from chemicals, bodily fluids, and multiple different scenarios each day. The best equipment you can set up for your healthcare facilities is going to withstand considerable use over years to come. That also means you’ll need units and facilities that can adapt to different rooms and environments.

Although healthcare environments may resemble one another in terms of the care they offer, bespoke requirements are sometimes necessary to suitably adapt to the area and location available.  This is another benefit for stainless steel which can often be manufactured to specifically suit the space needed.

Where can I buy the best healthcare equipment and supplies?

Now that you know about what to look for and which material is best for healthcare equipment and supplies, it is only natural to wonder about where to purchase them.

Vantage Products is a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel fabricated products, supplying a wide range of industries including catering, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, mortuaries and funeral services.

We offer a large variety of quality products including sinks, handwash basins, urinals, wash troughs and hand sanitiser dispensers meaning that you are bound to find the right equipment for your healthcare establishment at the right price!

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