We all rely on medical services – without them, millions of us would be suffering day in, day out – and to that end, the very best in British medical and hospital services need to rely on top quality equipment and manufacturing standards to carry out their daily tasks.

If you run your own medical centre or healthcare business and are looking to set up at a new location, it’s important to consider all of the tools and fittings that are likely to be highly useful from day to day. Have you considered stainless steel medical sinks or scrub sinks? What if your new premises doesn’t arrive with any of these standards?

You may also be considering replacing some of your older equipment and units in your current space. In any case, to continue providing world-class care, you must ensure your fittings and fixtures are of the highest quality.


hospital-equipment-pattern-sink-top-double-bowl-vantage-SK2-1200x600NTH_01_600x600pxQuality medical sinks make all the difference

Medical sinks come under a lot of intensive use and strain over the years. They are unlike regular sinks and systems as they have to handle bodily fluid, and what’s more, they are in almost constant demand. Top-quality medical sinks are essential in a variety of healthcare settings, too.

While you may obviously expect sinks in a theatre situation and setup, healthcare and medical sinks have an important place in GP surgeries and in general diagnosis stations. Ultimately, the best sinks need to be ready to use and reliable at short notice. A poor quality sink is going to rust, deteriorate, or even back up. The last thing any healthcare provider needs is for a sink or any kind of plumbing setup to start failing in the middle of a busy shift.


Medical sinks ease of cleaning

Stainless steel surgical scrub sinks and other medical sink units are the easiest to clean and to keep that way through years of use. Ultimately, a healthcare unit will always need surfaces and sinks that are effortlessly hygienic. In these settings, it is crucial to provide a hygienic and sterile environment – not only to protect your staff, but to also ensure that any patients and their family members are safe, too.

Stainless steel wash troughs and scrub sinks from Vantage Products are fabricated for exceptional ease of maintenance and care. Simply maintain a healthy hygiene operation and schedule as you are expected to, and our units will persist with you for long use to come. What’s more, when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, you will need to only apply a quick wipe-over for everyday use.

Deeper cleans, of course, are a must. If you work in the healthcare industry, we are certainly not here to advise you on how to do your job! That said, it is so important to invest in stainless steel. It is widely regarded as brilliant in the fight against bacteria and viral spread, and what’s more, it never takes a lot to clean down.


COVID-19 protection

hospital-equipment-pattern-disposal-sink-vantage-VANTDU600x600RE_01_600x600px medical sinks

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that we must all do more to protect the people we care about. That means not only taking care of our individual hygiene, but also ensuring that we are careful not to expose people to potentially deadly viruses and bacteria in our day to day work.

The NHS and the healthcare bodies have been crucial in our country’s fight against the rise in COVID-19 cases. Even at this point, we are still battling against the great unknown. Our talented and tireless healthcare workers are doing all they can to help ensure people in need are given the care and treatment they deserve.

We’re proud to support our NHS and private healthcare bodies with equipment they can rely on day in, day out. Stainless steel medical sinks and other fittings have proven crucial in helping to keep people safe from harm. However, they are not the only asset in the fight against viral spread – it is, of course, all about how our sinks are used, cleaned, and maintained that matters, too.

Regular cleaning of protective material such as stainless steel, when potential viral spread and bodily fluid spills are rife, is a must. Vantage Products offers medical sink units to help our healthcare heroes truly protect those in need of support.


Stainless steel completes the look

Beyond the importance of hygiene and disinfection, a high quality surgical sink or medical sink is always going to look professional, reliable, and inspiring. A healthcare provider with sink units and fixtures that are degrading and badly stained will never give off a good impression. With top quality steel, patients and personnel can be sure that these environments are safe and protected, with cleanliness held in high regard.

From a design perspective, stainless steel scrub sinks and other medical units are manufactured more out of practicality than aesthetic. However, we design our sinks to provide an inspiring sheen as well as convenience from day to day. This is high quality stainless steel that you can be sure will weather use after use.


Medical sinks – Invest in Vantage Products

Vantage Products has years of experience in manufacturing and providing exceptional quality sink units and more besides to our hard-working healthcare industry. In this day and age, wherever we may be with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is so important to ensure that your healthcare facility has the best tools and equipment to keep personnel, patients and all visitors safe.

If you are considering setting up units at a new premises, or would like to know more about upgrading your existing sinks and worktops in your current clinic or setup, please make sure to contact Vantage Products today to learn more. We are UK leaders in the design and provision of stainless steel in the medical industry – and now is the time to really invest in the safety and protection of your team – as well as your public.