Commercial sinks come in all shapes and sizes, and the choice can be quite overwhelming after you have a quick Google Search.

Do you need sinks in your place of work? Where do you start? Or maybe you’ve already started, but you’re wondering whether you made the right choices last time.

The sink you require depends on several factors, including the type of business, the sink location, the space available, and the amount of use it will receive.

If you don’t choose the right one, you could end up financing a costly replacement much sooner than you planned to.


#1 – Determine Your Needs

When determining your needs for the correct commercial sink unit, it’s important to consider the size of your establishment, the number of sinks you need and the purpose of each sink.

For example, if you run a restaurant then you may require multiple sinks for washing dishes, for prepping and for handwashing.

Likewise, if you are running a beauty salon or spa, you may require multiple sinks for handwashing and facial treatments.


#2 – Think About Location of Your Sink

Location plays an important role in choosing the right commercial sink unit.

Think about where your sink will be located, how much space is available, and how it might affect traffic flow around your business.

If you’re placing a sink in a public area, such as a reception area or waiting room, you may need to consider additional safety measures, such as non-slip flooring and splash guards.


#3 – Consider the Capacity Required

Commercial sinks are designed to be strong and durable, but some models have more capacity than others.

Choose a model with extra weight capacity if your sink unit will be subject to high-traffic use to ensure the smooth running of your business.

For example, in a restaurant, you may need to store dishes and pots in the sink that are waiting to be washed when you are in peak time.

You should think about the capacity of sink required to prevent your business from slowing down unnecessarily.


#4 – Consider Which Material Your Commercial Sink Will Be Made Out Of

The material you choose for your sink will affect its durability, and how long it will last.

For example, a commercial stainless steel sink basin is a popular choice.

A stainless steel sink is a great choice for businesses because of its strength and durability.

Stainless steel sinks are resistant to rust and corrosion, meaning that they can stand up to heavy-duty use over time.

Additionally, stainless steel is heat-resistant, so it can withstand high temperatures from hot water or cooking equipment.

At Vantage, we only provide stainless steel sinks because it is the most hard wearing and cost-effective solution for businesses.


#5 – Choose the Right Fittings

Choosing the right fittings for your specific requirements is important when you are choosing your commercial sink.

After researching all those available to you, select the most relevant and useful options which will benefit your business the most.

This ensures that you aren’t paying extra for things you don’t use, or for expensive upgrades after you’ve already purchased your sink.

This could include the types of taps and drains, as well as accessories such as spray hoses, water softeners, filtration systems and hot water systems.

The most important and universal out of these are taps and drains.


Taps & Drains for your Commercial Sink

When it comes to taps and drains, there are a few different options available.

Mixing Valve Taps

The most common type of taps have mixing valves, which allow you to control the temperature and pressure of the water.

This is beneficial as it helps to prevent scalding from too much hot water, as well as saving energy by keeping temperatures low.

Single Lever Taps

Single-lever taps are also commonly used by businesses. These types of taps which allow you to control the temperature and pressure of the water with a single lever.

Single-lever taps are more efficient than mixing valves, since they use less energy and help save on water costs.

Drainage System

Finally, you need to consider the drainage system when choosing a sink for your business.

You should select a model with an efficient drainage system that can quickly remove any excess water and prevent overflow, as well as have mechanisms in place to prevent or manage any potential blockages dependent on its usage.


#6 – Consider The Type of Drain Board

Picking the right drain board for your commercial sink is essential to ensure efficient and effective operations in a business.

A drain board serves as an extension to the sink basin, providing additional space for washing, drying, and food preparation.

As such, it is essential to carefully consider the type of drain board that will best suit your business needs and maximise the flow of equipment.

Ultimately, careful consideration of the type of sink you have, the size and shape of the sink basin, and the material of the drain board will help you choose the most appropriate and effective drain board for your commercial sink.

This will not only ensure optimal functionality, but also contribute to a clean and hygienic kitchen environment.


#7 – Think About Your Total Budget

The cost of commercial sinks can vary greatly, so it’s important to set a budget before you start shopping around.

Don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest option just to save a bit of money.

Quality is often a sign of value, so it’s worth investing in a top-quality product that will last for many years.


#8 – Look for Energy Efficiency

When it comes to commercial sinks, energy efficiency is an important consideration.

Look for models that come with features such as low-flow taps and water-saving technology to help reduce your utility bills.


#9 – Bowl Configuration (Single vs Double Sink Unit)

When selecting a commercial sink unit, you’ll need to consider the bowl configuration.

Single bowl sinks have one large basin and are suitable for a variety of tasks, from washing dishes to handwashing.

Double bowl sinks have two basins, allowing you to carry out two tasks at once.

Of course, single units are cheaper, but you should think about the benefit a double sink unit would provide for your specific business.


#10 – Health and Safety Requirements in the UK

The health and safety of employees and customers alike must be a priority when choosing your commercial sink unit.

In the UK, there are specific regulations that must be adhered to, including the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992.

It is a mandatory requirement for businesses that adequate handwashing facilities are provided, and that they are kept in good condition.

Make sure to check the relevant health and safety regulations before you purchase your sink to ensure that it is compliant.


Vantage Products – Your Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Provider

In conclusion, it is of utmost importance to conduct thorough research when selecting a commercial sink unit.

By doing so, you can ensure that the chosen product will meet specific needs, maximise value, and lower replacement costs.

It is crucial to select an appropriate sink unit with confidence, and extensive research ensures that expectations will be met.

Thus, taking the time to research different options will ultimately lead to a more efficient and cost-effective choice for commercial facilities.

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