Sink Tops

What are Sink Tops?

Useful in a variety of commercial, medical and industrial applications, sink tops provide ideal drainage support.  A stainless steel sink top is easy to clean and is perfect for use across hospitality, leisure and care industries.

Easy to fit to modern plumbing, our tops are available with either single or double bowls and with or without drainers.  Quick to fit and easy to maintain, your stainless steel sink top is suitable if you need to wash and sanitise items for public use, or for medical purposes.

Used in line with workplace hygiene standards, single and double sink tops will help to keep work areas clean, tidy and efficient from job to job.


Sink Top Benefits

There are many benefits to buying a stainless steel sink top.

  • A stainless steel sink top is easy to clean. The material is famously robust and will withstand most chemical sprays and applications.  Therefore, it is an extremely hygienic option.
  • Double sink units will help when there is a need to wash items separately. For example, in circumstances where the need to avoid cross-contamination is crucial, users can dedicate one sink bowl to one specific job or task.
  • Tops are easy to fit to various modern plumbing standards. They are lightweight and easy to manipulate but are robust and durable for years of regular use.
  • Drainers are helpful when items can safely stack for hygienic drying. This facility is also helpful to ensure sink bowls are clear and ready for the next batch of washing.
  • Stainless steel tops are adaptable and versatile to various environments. Useful for food preparation and medical washing, contaminated water can drain away safely into an existing system.


Why Buy a Sink Top?

  • You may need to replace an existing unit following a company audit
  • Your existing sink and drainage system is inefficient
  • You have an increasing need for more space and separate washing sinks
  • You are overhauling your washing space in line with health and safety standards


Shop Our Full Range

Vantage Products offers a full range of single and double sink tops, ideal for a variety of hygienic purposes.  With many bowl and drainer configurations available our models are built to offer ease of use and to help improve overall workplace hygiene.

Available in sizes and shapes to fit most modern in-house drainage, Vantage’s sink tops are perfect for keeping public and medical items clean for re-use.  Our tops are just some of our most flexible and hygienic commercial products available.

Take a look at our wider range of products in our catalogue, or if you’d like to learn more, please call our team on 01327 313130.