Hospital Pattern Plaster Sink – PS -1200×600

Part No: VANTPSH1200X600LHB/S

Size (mm): 1200 x 600
Bowl size (mm): 500 x 400
Construction: Pressed, folded and welded
Material: 304 Stainless Steel – 1.2mm
Net weight: 14.5.5kg
Fixings: Cantilever wall brackets

  • A plain top of Stainless Steel with no tap holes, no upstand, edges rimmed and turned down, underside sound-deadened with smooth, impermeable, easily cleaned material.
  • The top incorporates a rectangular sink bowl without overflow with a round sump, containing a partially perforated Stainless Steel basket and covered by a close fitting Stainless Steel cover with plunged handle.
  • Available with two bowl sizes.
  • Complies with HBN00-10 Part C (previously HTM64)

VANTPSH1200X600RHB/S – Right Hand Small bowl 500mm x 400mm
VANTPSH1200X600LHB – Left Hand bowl 500mm x 500mm
VANTPSH1200X600RHB – Right Hand bowl 500mm x 500mm

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