Pre-rinse Units

What are Pre-rinse sinks used for?

Pre-rinse spray units are ideal for removing food and grime from pots and pans before putting them in a dishwasher or washing them thoroughly by hand. The fast process of rinsing your dishes with a pre-rinse tap prevents food from drying and sticking, making them much easier to get clean when washed.

Not only will a commercial spray tap save you time compared to rinsing manually with a sink tap, it will also help to keep your dishwasher clean – preventing food from building up in the system, which could eventually lead to your dishwasher breaking completely or needing maintenance (potentially costing your business money).

The flexible hose and tap allows for easy manoeuvring, allowing you to rinse many pots instantaneously and providing a time saving solution for your restaurant or café.


What industries do Pre-rinse Sprayers benefit?

For industries such as catering environments where pots need to be washed regularly, a pre-rinse tap is an invaluable piece of equipment! It will increase the hygiene in your commercial kitchen by preventing the build up of dirty dishes, provide ease of use for staff, and increase productivity by saving time spent hand rinsing equipment.


Made from high quality stainless steel

All our pre-rinse sprayers are made from high quality 304 stainless steel – making them a long-lasting solution for your business. Aside from being extremely hard wearing, our units are easy to keep clean in order to maintain hygiene standards in your business.


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