Macmillan’s Coffee Morning is a national fundraising event to support people living with cancer, that since it’s origination in 1990 has raised over £290 million.

People all over the UK host their own Coffee Morning and donations raised on the day are made to Macmillan. The official date is Friday 24 September but it can be held at any time so from a group in the garden, sharing a coffee over a screen or a takeaway cake and cuppa, you can hold yours however and whenever you like, and today is the day for the companies in The Die-Pat Centre.

Here at Vantage, Die-Pat & RBT24/7 we like an excuse to bake – and eat! – so we decided to rename ours a Macmillan Picnic Day for 2021… any excuse to bring a variety of foods to the office and graze all day!

In addition to the food, there will be  “Guess the Daily Intake Sweepstake” with half of the sweepstake fund also going to Macmillan.  We can’t help but think the sales team have an advantage here, but it’s all for a good cause!

We will no doubt all enjoy the lovely food on offer, but the sense of achievement once it is over and we have a count up to see what has been raised for Macmillan is amazing.