Vantage Products has started 2023 with further investment in our manufacturing facility.  To follow on from our recent Penta Swing VII fiber laser cutting system we have now upgraded our pressbrake to a brand new Amada HRB.

The new HRB offers many advantages to the older HFB machine including:

  • Faster Operational Speeds – 100% increase in approach speed + 50% increase in bending speed
  • Improved Accuracy – 30% improvement in bend accuracy/repeatability due to the adjustable crowning system
  • Faster Set-Up Times – A digipro angular measuring system, reduces the amount of trial parts.  Plus a 3D controller that instructs the operator on bend sequence and tooling set-up.
  • Eco Friendly – Start/stop technology, so only uses power when in operation – up to 50% reduction in power usage.
  • More Flexible – Increased open height/stroke enables the folding of deeper parts, alongside backguage stroke which enables the folding of longer parts.

Many thanks to Amada UK and their partners for a seamless removal of old and supply of new machinery; commissioning and training swiftly followed and now our team at Vantage Products are up and running and enjoying the benefits the new HRB has to offer.