If you are in the market for new  handwash basins, then you will have plenty of things to consider. Naturally, you will have to consider the price and the durability, style, hygiene, and upkeep of the different types of basins.

As you can imagine, each different kind of material comes with its own list of pros and cons. However, there is no denying that stainless steel commercial hand wash basins have proven themselves more than worthy – top of the list – for businesses up and down the country. Before you take a closer look at our fantastic range of commercial stainless steel sinks, here’s a quick guide to what you can expect.

Stainless steel wash basins are the most hygienic

You will most likely notice that most hospitals, schools, catering facilities, and other hygiene-focused environments use stainless steel handwash basins. One of the main reasons these are the popular choice is because they are widely considered the most hygienic option available. There are very easy to clean and can resist the harsh cleaning chemicals and heat needed for a deep clean for a very long time. Unlike other kinds of handwash basins, you can rely on the stainless steel ones for far longer.

Industrial stainless steel sinks do not foster bacteria as much as other kinds of products either. This means that cleaning them also tends to be a quicker and less intense job – although using the right products will also help with that a lot!

They are easy to clean

stainless steel sink handwash basins

Part of the reason why a stainless steel commercial kitchen basin or handwash basin is so hygienic is that it is very easy to clean by design.

They do not stain easily, and most dirt can be rinsed away without the need for harsh chemicals. However, they do have a resistance to most chemicals if a deep clean is required.

In areas with strict hygiene procedures, such as hospitals or healthcare facilities, it’s essential to have equipment that will limit the spread of germs and infections. Therefore, wash basins may need to undergo deep cleanings and disinfection on a regular basis. To achieve this, the basins may be put under chemical and heat pressure that they need to be able to withstand.

Not all basin materials are adept at resisting these recurring circumstances, and that is why stainless steel is the preferred choice.

Heat-resistant stainless steel wash basins

Stainless steel hand wash basin units are fantastic at handling intense heat. Whereas certain materials will crack or degrade under the pressure of extreme heat, stainless steel is very good at adapting to it and resisting it.

Of course, when it comes to wash basins, the likelihood of them being put under extreme heat is slightly lower; however, during deep cleans, they could be, which is why ensuring that you have a unit that can handle the heat is always a good idea.

Stainless steel sinks

Providing a modern look

Although it may not be at the top of your list, having the right style of wash basins will significantly impact your business.

Other kinds of materials, such as ceramic, granite, marble, tempered glass, etc., all come with their own lists of qualities and drawbacks, including their style.

Commercial wash basin products in stainless steel have become staple pieces in some of the biggest venues and companies around the world – and have a big hand in their appearance. The shiny metal gives a very modern and tidy look to all kinds of places.

An affordable eco-friendly material

Stainless steel washing basins offer a hygienic solution with a long lifespan and are a very affordable choice.

The chances of needing to replace it sooner rather than later are very low, whereas other kinds of sinks may need replacing more frequently.

A stainless steel sink could last a lifetime if it is well kept, and if you need to replace it, another benefit is that it is widely recyclable. In fact, it has been estimated by the British Stainless Steel Association that 60% of all new stainless steel comes from recycled material.

Durable stainless steel basins

As stated, commercial stainless steel sinks are adept at handling cleaning, heat, and the wear and tear of daily activities. Therefore, they are obviously very durable and will not chip, crack, fade, or stain.

Whether you need washbasins for a hospital or healthcare setting, a school, a restaurant, a business, or your home, you will naturally require a very durable unit for the years to come. A stainless steel hand wash basin is a wise investment, offering exceptional hygiene standards.

Easy to install wash basins

Stainless steel wash hand basins are also very straightforward to install, set up and use. They are not as heavy as many other wash basins on the market, which makes them easier to handle.

Vantage wash basins are fully spot welded as standard (including the apron), meaning no more nuts and bolts. This will make it easier on the professional who installs it, taking them less time and potentially costing less to install than any other hand wash basin type.


We cannot understate the importance of washing hands, especially in this day and age! And, no washroom is complete without the perfect wash basin. Of course, limited splashback and the perfect style are important, but nothing is more essential than hygiene. And, for that, you will need a quality stainless steel wash basin.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality, affordable, durable, hygienic, and stylish professional commercial hand wash basin, you need to look for a local provider offering some of the best solutions in the business.

Thankfully, Vantage is a UK-based wash basin manufacturer and distributor with a wide stock of stainless steel products available to you right now. You can easily choose the best model for you, be it a stand-alone bowl, a wall-mounted basin, or stainless steel taps to complete the set. And, with accessories and taps sold separately, it’s easy to make the exact set you need. What’s more, with stainless steel being so easy to mold to specific parameters, you can ensure your basin is perfect for your business, no matter the weight, width, or even style you want!

Why not take a look through our online catalogue? Whatever your needs, we will be happy to help you find the solution.

If you are interested in the best stainless steel washing basins on the market at the best prices, then do not hesitate to call Vantage at 01327313130 or email us at sales@vantageproducts.co.uk now!