In any professional setting where keeping clean is a necessity, hygiene doesn’t start and end at the quality of soap product you supply. Wash troughs are highly useful both behind the scenes and in public bathrooms and toilet facilities – but believe it or not, the quality and manufacture of your trough makes a fantastic difference. For example, have you considered setting up stainless steel wash troughs for your public facility or private washroom?

At Vantage, we know only too well the benefits of top quality stainless steel. However, many people still rely on older setups and systems built from ceramics and inferior metals. Why does investing in a quality hand wash trough made from stainless steel make that much of a difference? Before you go ahead and buy to install, here are seven reasons why you should stick with top quality stainless.


stainless steel wash troughsStainless steel is impressively robust

By its very nature, stainless steel is built to last. In situations and scenarios such as public bathrooms and private wash spaces, your facilities are going to go through a lot of intensive use.

Stainless steel wash troughs will withstand years of deep cleans and frequent, daily use. What’s more, it’s one of the toughest materials to damage, and it won’t rust as readily as some of the ‘older standards’ in metal washroom products.

If your bathroom or washing area sees a lot of traffic or intensive use from day to day, it’s vital to consider stainless steel as a priority.


It’s a timeless look

Bathroom and washroom aesthetics have fallen in and out of fashion over the decades. To avoid your space fading into dated territory quicker than you know it, stainless steel troughs will help complete a look that weathers expectations to come.

The stainless steel aesthetic is clean and inspiring. It works brilliantly in professional settings as it gives the appeal of a clean, healthy environment. For making great first impressions – believe it or not – a stainless steel wash trough might just be a crucial step to take.


Stainless steel fights against bacteria

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and public services have sharpened their focus on basic hygiene. This means they are not only encouraging people to wash and dry their hands thoroughly, but are also providing more bacteria-resistant surfaces and fittings. A great way to reduce bacterial spread in washrooms and bathrooms is to install hands-free dispensers and dryers – but do also consider stainless steel.

A wash trough built in stainless steel is more likely to resist bacteria than other washbasins built in inferior materials. Unfortunately, it’s not a miracle cure – but time and time again, stainless steel comes out top in tests against harmful microbes. Stainless steel won’t eradicate COVID-19, but it’ll help to keep your team – and your public – clean and safe.


Ease of cleaning

In addition to protection against bacteria, stainless steel wash troughs are impressively easy to clean. Thanks to their simple manufacture and design, there are no awkward points for cracks or chips to develop. Under a regular cleaning schedule, a wash trough can be as easy to clean as just spraying and wiping clear.

This, naturally, will remove hassle from your schedule – great news for any cleaning operatives who need to cover a full floor of bathrooms and only have limited time available. There’s a clear reason why stainless steel is so preferred for various fittings in medical settings, for example. In cases where deep or intensive cleans are important, stainless steel is extremely supportive.


Stainless steel is heat-ready

Again, stainless steel is remarkably hardy against all kinds of stresses, strains and damage – but, did you know that it’ll also hold up well against intense temperatures? Stainless steel wash troughs are therefore perfect when using extremely hot water to disinfect – again, helping to add to its reputation for keeping things bacteria-free.

This heat resistance will be particularly useful in situations where hot water is needed to help clean off bodily fluids or staining that is particularly stubborn. Again, in the interest of removing and keeping bacteria away, you will need a wash trough that’s ready to withstand heat.


The best value choice

There may be misconceptions over how good value stainless steel can actually be. While there will always be an upfront cost to consider, stainless steel wash troughs will withstand years of use, and provide greater quality protection along the way. Therefore, you are never likely to replace a stainless steel trough, unit or otherwise very soon.

Vantage is committed to helping reduce costs for businesses and public operations across the board. We understand that keeping a bathroom or washroom clean and hygienic isn’t an easy job. Stainless steel hand wash trough units, built in the best quality, offer amazing value on initial cost for many years ahead.


A wide range of options

Lastly, stainless steel is exceptional with regard to versatility. In manufacturing, it’s famously one of the easiest materials to work with – which means we’re in a position to provide a wide array of trough solutions and standards, as well as bespoke manufacturing and fitting whenever you need it.

Stainless steel has been a primary source of bespoke washroom inspiration for decades. We’re confident this is unlikely to change any time soon. If you have specific needs or ideas in mind when it comes to your own bathroom, be sure to make stainless steel a priority.



There’s a clear reason why so many medical services and public buildings choose stainless steel over other materials on the market. That said, it really does pay to invest in top quality equipment, especially if you are providing a duty of care.

If you’re considering a new line of quality stainless steel wash troughs for your business or public building, be sure to take a look at the wide range available at Vantage. Or, to learn more, you can always contact us on 01327 313130, or send us a message via contact form.