commercial drinking fountains by VantageAre you considering setting up commercial drinking fountains for your business or public space? There’s more to think about than you might imagine – how can you be sure that you’re investing in the best for the people you owe a duty of care to?

Drinking fountains are common in public areas, be it in schools, hospitals, and even certain businesses. They are expected in many buildings and do more than just hydrate people. The quality of these drinking fountains will be taken into account by anyone who frequents the business, too. Strangely enough, they can help to uphold a certain image!

If they are old, cracked, stained, or simply aesthetically unpleasing, then that will automatically reflect poorly on the business. It shows a lack of care, and sometimes, even a lack of quality and cleanliness.

However, sometimes, stains and cracks are not a sign of poor hygiene or price. In fact, some of the most expensive materials on the market can easily deteriorate over time.

In fact, what it could simply mean is that you’ve invested in the wrong material.

At Vantage, we encourage the adoption of stainless steel commercial drinking fountains across the board. But what is it about stainless steel that’s so appealing – and worth your investment?


Amazing resistance

If you’re serving water to the public, your employees, visitors and/or otherwise, it’s likely your fountains will go through a lot from day to day. They have to endure intense cleaning, changes in weather and more besides. Some materials are easily prone to staining, cracking, scratching, and heavy deterioration.

However, stainless steel is strong, versatile, and clean. Therefore, stainless steel drinking fountains will be able to resist natural concerns such as rust and staining. Stainless steel is also famously easy to clean (and we will cover this in more detail below).

Installing a water fountain that’s resistant against natural spoilage and damage will, of course, help to keep your image sparkling. Therefore, don’t invest in anything less than the best.


Incredible durability

Water fountains aren’t likely to be everyday purchases – they are significant investments. However, you may find that you end up having to change them every few years due to a poor quality of the materials in the manufacture.

You may, therefore, end up having to spend a fortune regularly just to keep replacing and repairing your fountains time and again. Thankfully, stainless steel drinking fountains are made to last.

Alongside being naturally resistant against common problems such as rust and deterioration for much longer than other materials, stainless steel is also unlikely to falter through heavy use from day to day. It’s going to withstand anything and everything you throw at it. Not that we’d recommend you do, of course!

Moreover, due to stainless steel’s simple, classic style, it’s never likely to go out of style. So, over the years, if you remodel or renovate your business, at least you can rely on your stainless steel drinking fountains to match any aesthetic that you choose.


Unbeatable hygienic properties

One of the biggest benefits of stainless steel products is that they are intrinsically hygienic and easy to clean. Given that drinking fountains are used by potentially hundreds (if not thousands) of people every day, it is essential that they be protective against bacteria to avoid spreading disease. In a post-COVID world, keeping on top of hygiene is an absolute must. Stainless steel, unlike most other materials, is naturally resistant against bacteria in the first instance.

What’s more, most public utilities are put through intense cleanings every day. That means that they have to be able to handle harsh cleaning chemicals, abrasive material, and intense heat. Thankfully, stainless steel is built for all of the above.

It is far easier to clean than any other material manufactured, and it’ll easily keep you, your team and your public safe with very little effort needed from you in return.


Great to look at

As mentioned, aesthetics play a very big part in keeping your business looking its best. While something as innocuous as a water fountain may not seem like a big deal to many people, there are various reasons why people may frown upon your business if they are not up to scratch!

Again, also as mentioned, stainless steel products will never go out of style. They can easily be modelled to fit rooms perfectly, unlike many materials and appliances that need to be chosen based on the room’s specificities.

Moreover, the sheen of stainless steel is classic and sophisticated. This material will add a simple, sharper look to any business, as opposed to materials that easily stain and crack, which, when not replaced, can make a business look uncared for and undignified. Believe us – the quality of your manufacturing really does make a difference.


Superb sustainability

Finally, let’s focus on the environment. Did you know that stainless steel is one of the most sustainable materials used in manufacturing right now? Commercial drinking fountains built in stainless steel are more likely than most to use reclaimed or recycled material in their manufacturing.

It’s thought that up to 70% of all stainless steel actually comes from recycled sources, making it amazingly carbon-friendly. In addition, stainless steel itself is also very easy to recycle, making it simple to dispose of without causing harm to the environment.

For the eco-conscious business, stainless steel commercial water fountains could do a lot for its carbon footprint.

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As you can see, the quality of stainless steel speaks for itself. It also happens to be one of the most affordable materials on the market, and it is certainly the kindest, and most cost-effective.

Vantage is here to help transform your business or public space with fantastic stainless steel products – such as commercial water fountains – across the board.

You can contact us on 01327313130 or email us at for more information about our drinking fountains, or further stainless steel products likely to enhance your operation.