Mortuary Equipment

What is Mortuary Equipment Used For?

Stainless steel mortuary equipment is used during the post-mortem examinations of people who have passed away.  Where cause of death investigation is necessary, mortuaries require flexible, readily available equipment to help with the moving and storing of bodies.

For example, a body tray is useful during post-mortem examination.  Our mortuary equipment is perfect for ease of use and transportation in sensitive environments.  As post-mortem examinations require the utmost in hygiene protection, our accessories arrive easy to clean and maintain.


What are Body Trays?

These trays are essential pieces of equipment useful in post-mortem examinations.  Often complete with drainage for ease of cleaning during procedures, stainless steel trays are available in various shapes and sizes.

When used for mortuaries, they should be easy to pick up, move and use for cold storage.  Our trays arrive with raised edges and handles to help support easy portability.  Suitable for bodies of all sizes and weights, they can be customised to fit specific needs.

Mortuaries need somewhere safe and hygienic to store bodies before and after examinations.  Therefore, tray systems are some of the most crucial accessories available for purchase.


Stainless Steel Benefits

Our body trays and other mortuary equipment benefit from stainless steel manufacturing.  Stainless steel is popularly used in a variety of clinical and medical facilities.

  • Stainless steel is one of the simplest metals to clean. Trays built in stainless steel are simple to wipe down from use to use, and to use with a variety of chemicals.
  • The material is also much kinder to the wider environment than other metals. Therefore, it is a responsible choice for facilities cutting down on carbon emissions.  In addition to this, around two-thirds of stainless steel is made of recycled material, with an extremely long shelf-life.
  • Our trays are extremely durable and will withstand years, even decades of regular use.
  • Our stainless steel mortuary equipment is stronger than many other standards. The material is one of the lightest and most versatile available.  As such, we can provide custom fits for all specific tray requirements.


Take a Closer Look

All modern mortuaries should use hygienic, safe equipment that is easy to use.  Our extensive range of mortuary supplies will help you to ensure your clinic is easy to clean, maintain and operate from day to day.

We supply custom trays and equipment for various needs and purposes.  Why not take a closer look at some of our mortuary accessories and fittings for your own clinic?

Or, for more information on our other medical equipment and stainless steel products, call our team now on 01327 313130.