Janitorial Range

What are its uses?

A Janitor sink from our Janitorial Range, otherwise known as a mop sink or cleaners sink, is a multi-purpose sink which is used by cleaners and care takers in commercial and industrial buildings.

These sinks are most commonly used by cleaners or caretakers in all industries, as it allows you to easily fill mop buckets with water and drain the dirty water after use.

In large businesses and facilities, janitorial sinks are preferred, as they can withstand heavy duty cleaning and regular use of harsh chemicals.  Janitorial and buckets sinks are also at a more ergonomic height for filling and emptying buckets.


Which Industries Need a Janitor Sink?

A mop sink can be a useful fixture for all commercial buildings – this could include schools, large offices, warehouses and medical facilities.

All our Janitorial sinks are made from high-quality 304 stainless steel and are in line with Health and Safety regulations, making them ideal for keeping your workplace or facility hygienic. Stainless steel is also the ideal material to opt for if you use cleaning products containing harsh chemicals, as the material should not get damaged or corrode from the substances.


Wall Mounted or Free Standing?

Here at Vantage Products, we offer both wall mounted and free-standing bucket sinks – but each of these has their own benefits depending on your industry.

Wall mounted bucket sinks have the obvious benefit of taking up less space compared to free standing units, and you can use the space underneath as extra storage.

Floor standing units, on the other hand, have their own benefits – such as being able to adjust the legs at any point to suit different users.


Shop Our Range

If you think you could benefit from a janitor sink within your commercial property, check out our range. With different shapes, styles and sizes to choose from, you will be able to find a janitorial sink to fit within your business.

For more information on our Janitorial Range and what we offer, or if you have any questions regarding our products, give us a call today on 01327 313130.