Healthcare Equipment

Why is waste disposal important?

In healthcare industries such as hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes, hygiene is of utmost importance. When it comes to environments where disease and illness could easily be spread, it is essential to take the appropriate steps to dispose of any medical waste – this includes using the correct hospital equipment.


What are Sluice Sinks?

Essentially, a sluice sink is a sink with a flush mechanism that disposes of any clinical waste.  Using this method of disposal rather than simply flushing the waste will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and disease.  They are designed for the safe and hygienic disposal of body waste such as the contents of vomit bowls, drainage bags, bedpans, and urine bottles.

We manufacture all our hospital equipment using high-quality 304 stainless steel. This makes the equipment strong, resistant to strong chemicals, and easy to clean after use – all of which are extremely important properties for healthcare facilities.  Our sluice sinks comply with HBN00-10 Part C (previously HTM64).


What Industries Benefit from Such Hospital Equipment?

Sluice sinks are primarily used for waste disposal in medical facilities such as hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists and care homes

However, they are useful in any healthcare related environment which could include rehabilitation centres and schools.


Types of Sluice Sink

Here at Vantage Products, we supply a range of different sinks for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Our basic wall mounted disposal sinks are great for low budget facilities where they are only needed for occasional use. For facilities that are used regularly, or where more than one load of clinical waste may need to be deposited at once, a sink with a flat drainer may be more beneficial.

For industries where equipment may need to be cleaned rather than just deposited, we also stock a range of single and double bowl sinks.


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