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Company Update – COVID-19 Coronavirus

Vantage Products Ltd are closely monitoring the UK Governments advice on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, and are doing all we can to maintain a safe environment for our employees by following guidelines and advice.

We have a Business Continuity Plan in place and procedures for staff to work from home to minimise any disruption to our customers, we are also in regular contact with our supply-chain to ensure we have the most up-to-date information and are taking any necessary actions.

We take pride in the service & products that we offer you and it’s currently ‘business as usual’ here at Vantage Products Ltd, but these are unprecedented times and the health and welfare of our employees and their families is our top priority, so we thank you in advance for your ongoing support and co-operation.

Stay safe & stay well


Vantage brings manufacturing back in-house

Investment in Vantage Products Ltd to improve flexibility, shorten customer lead times and position business at forefront of product development

Die-Pat Holdings Limited, owner of Die-Pat Divisions Limited and Vantage Products Limited, has made the first stage of a £1million investment to bring manufacturing back in-house.

The Die-Pat group of companies, who together are the UK’s leading supplier of specialised catering equipment hardware, plumbing components and mortuary equipment, have outsourced all manufacturing for over 20 years, but the reintroduction of an in-house production facility will ensure the business is better able to respond quickly to customer demands, providing increased business flexibility and agility, as well as shorter lead-times.

Manufacturing at the business’s Daventry facility started in March, with the introduction of a high-speed laser cutting centre, a press brake and other ancillary equipment needed for producing the portfolio of equipment.

The whole team at Die-Pat and Vantage believe in and are passionate about UK manufacturing:

“This is just the first step of what will be a series of substantial investments throughout the business to bring manufacturing processes back in-house.  These new capabilities position us at the forefront of product development, enabling us to work in tandem with our customers to develop new and innovative products tailored to meet their specific needs. The investment will ensure the Die-Pat business is able to stand firm against external economic pressures and changes to the international business environment.

We celebrated our 50-year anniversary last year, and for the first 25 years we had a long heritage of manufacturing, something that we’re very keen to resurrect.  We want to make the most of the skilled labour force we have here in the UK, creating new jobs in the process through apprenticeship schemes and thus allowing for experience and expertise to be passed on to the next generation. We believe the future of our industry depends on innovative and collaborative product design, something that’s much easier to successfully achieve when you manufacture at the point o f concept. In this respect, the investments in our manufacturing facilities aren’t just investment in our business, but an investment in the industry, our customers and the local community”.